Mission Statement

We like family medicine a lot. Ongoing healthy personal relationships over many years are what we believe to be the main ingredient for a successful family medicine group practice. We do not know everything in depth but do know who knows more than us about your specific problem. We are creative networkers in Basel’s healthcare environment, knitting people and teams together to find solutions for you. In family medicine, time and repetitive encounters together with patience and endurance forms the most satisfying results. And yes, sometimes this means going through hardship over a long period of time. Al least we will not leave nor forsake you in this process. Our general attitude towards work, life and our patients is based on christian ethics and values. It is not required to be a strong believer to be working with the socin22 group. Thus, you may find a variety of philosophical and religious personal orientations among us. However, we have in common a genuine respect for your integrity. All of us will accept you as you are and tolerate your personal value and belief system fully. When it comes to healthcare decisions, you are in the pilot seat, we in the co-pilot seat. You are deciding, we are helping with the decision. We will help you with your decisions no matter what your religion, race, origin, social status or believe system you have. We always try to do more good than harm. We treat you as we would like to be treated by others. We take a genuine interest in you as a person, not as an interesting medical case only. We are personally and emotionally very much involved in every medical encounter with you. We are transparent on what we do and how we bill. Your medical data is stored on our in-house server. We do not use any cloud services and the IT security level is as high as it can get.

Our Physicians
Our Administration